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Virtual NIA-Sponsored Biomarker Network Sessions

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Jun 16 2020


All Day

Virtual NIA-Sponsored Biomarker Network Sessions


Day 1 – June 16, 2020

Virtual Biomarker Network Meeting Day 1 Recording

  • Welcome
    Teresa Seeman and Eileen Crimmins, USC/UCLA Center on Biodemography and Population Health
    Lisbeth Nielsen, National Institute on Aging
  • Biomarkers and Stress | Moderator – Eileen Crimmins
    How do war and stress contribute to subjective age? An analysis of biological, psychosocial and life course stress factors in the Vietnam Health and Aging Study
    Kim Korinek, Eleanor Brindle, Jefferson Schmidt, Tran Khanh Toan, Zachary Zimmer
  • Cortisol concentrations in hair are reduced 14 years after exposure to a major natural disaster
    Ralph Lawton, Elizabeth Frankenberg, Teresa Seeman, Eileen Crimmins, Cecep Sumantri, Duncan Thomas
  • Effect of violence crime in adolescent’s activity space on perceived and biological stress
    Jodi L. Ford, Christopher R. Browning, Kammi Schmeer, Catherine Calder, Beth Boettner, & Jacob Tarrence
  • The role of early life environments in U.S. socioeconomic disparities in adult chronic inflammation
    Stephanie Koning, Thomas McDade
  • Questions – Managed by Teresa Seeman and Steve Cole